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Splash Spas hot tub chemicals are produced by the largest manufacturer of hot tub and swimming pool chemicals in the UK and offer exceptional value for money combined with the quality that you would expect from much higher priced brands. The range includes both chlorine and bromine sanitizing options; a complete range of water balancers; rapid chlorine and non-chlorine shocks; biofilm remover; and both liquid and powdered filter cleaners.

The use of some chemical products is essential to keep a hot tub clean and bacteria free so that it is safe to use. However, too much chemical can damage the hot tub surface, equipment and cover and also be detrimental to the health of the spa users, so a well proven and reliable method of application is essential. Splash Spas chemicals are all supplied with clear and comprehensive instructions on the packaging to ensure that the minimum amount of product can be used in the most beneficial and effective way.

There are three steps to effective hot tub water care:

Sanitise the water to stop potentially dangerous bacteria growing and stop the growth of algae.
The Splash Spas range of hot tub chemicals offers both chlorine and bromine granules and tablets for sanitation. In order for the sanitiser to work effectively the total alkalinity of the water must be adjusted and the pH correctly balanced. The balance of the water can be measured using Splash Spas 6-way test strips and adjusted using the balancers in the range to ensure that the values are within the ranges marked on the test strip comparison chart and documented on the relevant product packaging.
It is essential to ensure that all organic debris is removed from the water to ensure it doesn't decay. Any significant sized particles are removed by the hot tub filter and the filter must be changed and cleaned regularly to ensure that it remains unclogged by grease and physical debris. Splash Spas powdered filter cleaner is the best product for cleaning both grease and limescale from hot tub filters and can be used either by soaking the filter over night in a sufficiently sized bucket, or by sprinkling over the filter surface prior to washing the filter in a dishwasher.
Dissolved contaminants such as perspiration, grease, body lotions, make-up, hair care products etc must be removed from the water using a hot tub shock product or they will cause rapid water degradation and foaming. The Splash Spas range offers both a rapid acting chlorine based shock and a milder, non-chlorine shock for those with very sensitive skin. Both products should be used with the hot tub cover off to enable the bi-products from the process to rapidly evaporate.
Buy Splash Spas hot tub chemicals, filters & accessories